Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to save a Life

For a couple of years now I have had this film on my mind.

I believe God has been urging me to share it, but I have came across barriers.  The main barriers being the subject of the film, and the age of the target audience, the film is a PG-13, so is not suitable for our youth club, it is aimed at high school kids.  Would we get the audience we want?  Would the adults come to watch a film about bullying, teen suicide, friendships, teen challenges??  or worse have an audience of just adults!

A few things have urged me to re address this......

Firstly we showed I Daniel Blake, stepping out of our comfort zone,  not our usual film yet a film with an important message, and we weren't disappointed! A lot of people turned up to watch.

Secondly there has been a lot of interest in a series called 13 reasons why, which also covers teen suicide and bullying, a lot of discussion has been made on whether this film helps!  I don't believe it will cause more teen suicides and I think it helps to bring the issues to the forefront rather than hiding it away.  But I do believe it doesn't go far enough, it doesn't take the next step to help show what we can do as a response.

I feel more called to show this film, I am hoping to show it during the summer or for the beginning of the next school year.

I would however like to make it opened up to all and hopefully get the support of other churches to make the most of this opportunity.  I hope the local high schools will get involved and use the educational resources available with the film.

So what can you do??
Do you know a high school teen? 12+, Do you work with youth or are you part of a church with youth??  Can you help spread the word??
Please comment or get in touch!!

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